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Have a story you think belongs in The Avalanche Review? TAR welcomes submissions on a variety of topics that are directly and indirectly related to the avalanche world and that further the mission of the A3.

TAR has a duty to represent the professional interests of the various committees and activities of the American Avalanche Association. We cannot endorse or print non-professional views of topics such as explosives use at ski areas. TAR editors reserve the right to edit press-release submissions. Letters to the editor and/or refutations of TAR articles may be edited for content. We discourage conflicts of interest and hidden agendas within contributions. We strongly suggest that contributors identify their affiliations and strive to remain as objective as possible. The TAR editorial staff does not have the time or resources to fact-check every submission; we request that contributors take the extra time and effort to present objective and well-rounded views of their topics.

Topics we’re interested in include recent research, personalities in the field, a remarkable avalanche cycle or path, mechanics, avalanche education, rescue updates, and personnel changes for Metamorphism.

  • Seen any good avalanches lately?
  • Got some gossip for the other snow nerds?
  • Developing new tools or ideas?
  • Learn something from an accident investigation?
  • Send photos of a crown, of avalanche workers plowing roads, throwing bombs, teaching classes, or digging holes in the snow.
  • Pass on some industry news.
  • Tell us about a particularly tricky spot of terrain.

Submission deadlines for our four print issues are the same every year:

Issue 1 (fall): Submit by August 1
Issue 2 (early winter): Submit by October 1
Issue 3 (late winter): Submit by December 1
Issue 4 (spring): Submit by February 1

Format: We generally prefer articles limited to a total word count of 1,000. There are certainly exceptions to this guideline. Please contact the editorial staff to discuss and develop your submission. Microsoft Word documents are preferred for ease of communicating changes with authors during the editing process. Be sure to include a title, your contact information, and a short bio (2-3 lines) of yourself and other contributors, along with small “mug shot” photos when available. We use Associated Press style. Please consult the AP stylebook or contact the editors for the TAR style guide if you’re unsure.

Photographs: High-resolution (at least 1 mb) color or B/W original files are preferred in psd, tiff or jpg format. Submit figures as vector-based files (when available) in eps, ai, or pdf format. Include credits (who took the photo) and caption (what is happening in the photo). Use the journalistic “W’s” to write the story of your photo: who, what, where, when, why, how. Submit photos via email directly to Lynne Wolfe. For larger files, contact Lynne for directions on sharing via Dropbox.

To Submit

All submissions and pitches can be made to TAR Editor Lynne Wolfe at