The Avalanche Review, published four times every winter by the American Avalanche Association, features the best in avalanche writing, science, and photography.

The Avalanche Review Editor

Lynne Wolfe

Editors Emeriti
Steve Conger
Sue Ferguson
Blase Reardon
Bruce Tremper

A3 Staff and Board

Executive Director • Jayne Thompson Nolan
Pro Training Coordinator • Erica Engle

A3 Governing Board Trustees
President* • Halsted Morris
Vice President* • Erich Peitzsch
Secretary* • Katie Johnston
Treasurer* • Pete Woodring
Membership* • Jake Hutchinson
Publications • Drew Pogge
Education • Eeva Latosuo
Governance • Tom Mattice
At-Large Pro • Sean Zimmerman-Wall
Member Affiliate • Jonathan Shefftz

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