Travis Feist has officially joined A3’s Board of Directors. Travis was appointed by unanimous vote during the quarterly A3 Board of Directors meeting on February 20, 2024. We’re excited to welcome Travis to a previously unoccupied at-large seat on the board and we look forward to the motorized perspective he will bring to our organizational leadership.

A little about Travis: After 15 years of patrolling and ski guiding, Travis joined the Sierra Avalanche Center as a field observer in 2010, and became the education coordinator shortly thereafter. When not working for the Avalanche Center, he teaches for the Wilderness Education program at Lake Tahoe Community College. On powder days you’re most likely to find Travis on a snowmobile, though he still skis and insists he enjoys it. Travis is also part of A3’s new Motorized Education Working Group.

We’re lucky to have you, Travis!