Did you know that the Utah Avalanche Center hosts a podcast? Hosted by UAC forecaster Drew Hardesty and produced by KUER’s Benjamin Bombard, the podcast is all things avalanche: accident reports, the art of forecasting, decision-making, and more. You’ll find lively and spirited conversations with mountain guides, ski patrollers, avalanche educators, meteorologists, economists, even marketing experts. This is a great way to get more avalanche-related content to supplement your life-long avalanche education.  For fun, you’ll also find a few blog-casts thrown in for additional content. These are readings of short essays on risk and the avalanche phenomenon. We think you’ll enjoy them all. 

The UAC podcast is now in its fourth season with over 30 episodes and 250,000 downloads. They just kicked off Season 4 with a conversation with American Avalanche Institute owner Sarah Carpenter. She talks about the gift of education and why a systematic approach can help us navigate through the complex and sometimes chaotic landscape of the backcountry. Check out the episode below:

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The second episode is a conversation on risk, public safety messaging, and resilience—not with an avy pro, but with Utah state epidemiologist Dr. Angela Dunn. Dr. Dunn has been at the forefront with the fight against Covid-19 in Utah and knows a bit about the bottom line, vulnerability, and exposure. Tune in!

You can find the Utah Avalanche Center podcast on StitcheriTunes, or wherever you get your favorite podcasts.

Featured photo: Mike Fox via Unsplash