On Thursday, March 11, the A3 hosted the online seminar Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the Avalanche World. A3 Secretary Katie Warren moderated the discussion and led off with the first talk, which presented the results of a survey the A3 had conducted of people working as avalanche professionals. 

Attendees subsequently heard from Keagan Zoellner, Aidan Goldie, and Margaret Wheeler as they provided insights about their experiences in the avalanche field and how we can work to be more inclusive of women as well as people coming from different racial, cultural, and economic backgrounds—all of whom are underrepresented in the field today. It was a very interesting session about a sometimes-uncomfortable topic that’s well worth checking out in the video below.

The DEI in the Avalanche World session concluded A3’s seminar series for the 2020/21 winter season. All of the talks are posted here on theavalanchereview.org for your viewing pleasure.

A special thanks to A3 Trustees Eeva Latosuo and Erich Peitzsch for organizing the series. See you next year!

Video not working? Watch it here.

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