Human Factors: Skiing One at a Time

We asked avalanche professionals to wax poetic on skiing one at a time, using Lou Dawson's excellent OAT piece on WildSnow as the centerpiece for discussion.

Avalanche Education: Are We Teaching Confidence Over Competence?

Dave Richards, director of Alta Ski Area's avalanche program, wonders whether our current framework for avalanche education teaches students confidence over competence.

BCA Project: “Send and Return”

Aggressive freeride films influence young skiers and snowboarders every year. Rowdy big mountain athletes charge big lines, send big airs, and are sometimes shown outrunning avalanches. Does this “aggro” behavior send the right message to young, impressionable riders?

Featured Image: Utah Avalanche Center forecaster Trent Meisenheimer works in the field. Photo courtesy UAC.