Bruce Tremper on Out and Back Podcast

In this episode of Gaia GPS's Out and Back podcast, Bruce Tremper talks about his start in snow science and gives his tips for his safety system, the low-risk travel ritual, and busts some avalanche myths.

Seminar: Avalanche Safety Technologies

The American Avalanche Association hosted the second installment in its online seminar series on Thursday, December 10, 2020, featuring topics related to avalanche safety...

Ed LaChapelle: The Ascending Spiral

Rather than seeing our mastery of snow and avalanche science and decision-making as linear progression, I see it as the same issues and ideas coming around again and again, but each time at a more sophisticated and technically advanced level—hence the ascending spiral.

Friends of CAIC Introduces Forecast Pledge

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center recently introduced its Forecast Pledge, whose goal is to ensure that every backcountry user in Colorado checks the forecast before venturing out.

The Avalanche Chaser – Steve Conger

This interview with Steve Conger—TAR editor emeritus—originally ran on Powder Cloud on March 29, 2020 and has been reprinted with their permission.

Avalanche Forecasting 101 – A Conversation with Blase Reardon

This interview with Blase Reardon—TAR editor emeritus and editor of the A3 publication The Snowy Torrents—originally ran on WildSnow on November 12, 2020 and has been reprinted with their permission.

Survey: 2020 Avalanche Professional Census

By Katie Warren, Eeva Latosuo, John Stimberis, & Halsted Morris To promote diversity, recruitment, retention, and professional development in the avalanche industry, it is necessary...

In Memoriam: Remembering Art Judson

In this piece from Issue 39.1, The Avalanche Review paid tribute to forecasting pioneer Art Judson, who passed away this summer

A3 Member Meeting | November 2020

The 2020 Annual A3 Member Meeting was held on November 5, with over 100 members in attendance. See a recording of the meeting here.

Seminar: Behavioral Economics and Avalanche Decision-Making

Dr. George Lowenstein kicked off the American Avalanche Association’s 2020 online seminar series with a talk entitled, “Behavioral Economics and Avalanche Decision Making."

Featured Image: Utah Avalanche Center forecaster Trent Meisenheimer works in the field. Photo courtesy UAC.